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What Food and Drink Should I Avoid With Invisalign Braces?

If you’re looking for a straight-teeth solution that’s easy, comfortable and discreet, Invisalign braces are a fantastic option. But living with adult braces sometimes needs a little adjustment – including how you care for your new adult braces and how to ensure your treatment stays on track. Today, our professional dentists based in Marylebone share some top tips on what food and drink you should avoid with Invisalign braces.

What can I eat and drink?

With Invisalign braces, you can remove the aligners at any time for a quick break, a quick clean, or even a quick snack. In fact, our Marylebone dentists recommend removing Invisalign whenever you need to eat, or drink anything that isn’t water. This helps prevent damage to your Invisalign, like cracks and discolouration. It also prevents any injury to your mouth, too.

Can I have chewing gum with Invisalign braces?

No, because it can get stuck in the grooves and crevices of your Invisalign. Any damage to your adult braces means you risk delaying treatment while you wait for replacement aligners, and might mean you have to wear a different set or forgo treatment altogether, during this time.

Why can’t I drink with Invisalign in?

Here in Marylebone, our dentists suggest sticking to plain, still water. Although sparkling water won’t harm your adult braces, according to some studies, it can affect your tooth enamel. Fizzy pop, rich wine, coffee, and other drinks can not only discolour your teeth and Invisalign but can damage your enamel and even lead to tooth decay over time. And when Invisalign aligners become stained, they’re much more visible in your mouth.

What else should I know about Invisalign?

One of the biggest advantages of these adult braces is being able to remove them when you like. So if you fancy a bite to eat, just pop them out, store them in their case and eat away. Then, clean your teeth – and your clear aligners – before you put them back in your mouth. Be aware that most patients in Marylebone need 20-22 hours of wear every day, and frequent eating and snacking could affect your treatment if you aren’t wearing your adult braces for long enough.

Where can I get some expert advice?

You can get in touch with our top dentists in Marylebone, who can help with all things Invisalign – from initial consultation right through to tips for maintaining your straight smile after treatment. Get in touch with our Marylebone team today.