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Do your teeth feel tired? Has your smile lost its sparkle? Then our Smile Makeover in Marylebone could be just the thing to restore its appearance and brilliance once again, with a range of treatments that cover everything from misaligned teeth to dullness.

Even with the best dental routine in place, our teeth are constantly put through their paces – after all, we are constantly laughing, smiling, talking and chewing! Whether it is a diet full of staining drinks and crunchy foods, or bad habits like teeth grinding and pen chewing, our Smile Makeover here in London’s Harley Street medical district works to fix your teeth once and for all, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

For more information on your smile makeover or to book a consultation, get in touch with 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice in Marylebone, London, via our contact form or by calling us on 020 7580 2720

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Your Smile Makeover Journey

1. Consultation

It all starts with a consultation – so we’ll know exactly what condition your mouth, teeth and gums are in and which treatments are suitable for your unique smile. At our Marylebone dental practice, we carry out a full dental assessment and check over your dental history too, if needed, before drawing up a tailored treatment plan of our top recommendations.

2. Treatment

Next, you’ll undergo your Smile Makeover treatment itself. At 19 Wimpole Street, there are lots we can do to help improve the appearance and performance of your teeth, including:

  • Veneers – ideal for those looking to correct the appearance of a single tooth or multiple teeth in different locations. The treatment first prepares the tooth with gentle filing, then securely bonds the veneer in place. It’s usually recommended for enhancing the appearance of a dull tooth, or several teeth if you have gaps or misalignment (as an alternative to braces).
  • Whitening – the ideal way to brighten your smile, we offer both at-home whitening, and in-practice Philips Zoom treatment, known for being one of the best in the industry. Teeth whitening is gentle yet effective and can last many years with the right oral care.
  • Crowns – damaged and fractured teeth can be restored once again with crowns. We even offer durable and long-lasting porcelain crowns, which look closest to your natural smile.
  • Composite bonding – if your teeth feature minor cosmetic flaws, such as chips or fine cracks, composite bonding can help create a more uniform appearance by restoring the shape of each individual tooth. A resin is applied to the teeth, which is matched to your existing smile for a natural-looking result.
  • Invisalign clear braces – these revolutionary, near-invisible aligners help to correct bite problems, as well as gaps and crowding. They can be easily removed and you’ll change sets every few weeks.

3. Aftercare

Wherever applicable, our Marylebone dentists will provide detailed aftercare instructions following treatment with us. This might include advice such as:

  • Ways to keep your whitened smile bright
  • Recommended wear time for braces, plus troubleshooting of any problems
  • Things to avoid after having crowns or veneers fitted
  • Tips for ensuring your composite bonding lasts
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Your questions answered

about Smile Makeovers at 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice

Unfortunately, some types of dental treatment may cause pain or sensitivity – however, at our Wimpole Street dental practice in Marylebone, we’re absolutely committed to creating a positive, relaxing and comfortable experience for our patients that’s remembered for all the right reasons. That’s why we offer a numbing agent for procedures such as crowns and veneers, and why we’ll keep an eye on your newly-whitened smile for any signs of sensitivity. It’s what sets us apart from so many other dentists because even when you leave our practice, we’re invested in creating great results without pain, stress or hassle.

At 19 Wimpole Street, our tailored treatment plans will help you get the best out of your smile. Not only will your teeth look and feel better than you thought possible, but your confidence will skyrocket – and in some cases, our treatments can restore lost function to the teeth, such as our Invisalign braces and our porcelain crowns.

You may need to budget for the treatments you want, and results may take time (for instance, with Invisalign clear braces). For specific disadvantages or risks surrounding each procedure, we recommend reading our individual treatment pages.

Your consultation at 19 Wimpole Street will help us work out which treatments suit you best, and which don’t – and could also give you an idea of other things to try in the future.

Again, this depends on which procedure(s) you’ve chosen; more details can be found on our individual treatment pages.

Why choose us

Our experts work hard to create true smile transformations, whatever your dental background – and even in the most anxious of patients. We’ll never suggest a treatment that isn’t of benefit to you, and will always be open and honest about the process involved. That’s why our patients love and trust in our team, and happily recommend us to others. In addition, you’ll be receiving treatment in the heart of the Harley Street medical district, known for being at the forefront of dental and medical advancements and home to some of the best in the business.

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