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As a dental practice, based in Marylebone, we specialise in a wide range of treatments, including everyday and family care, restorative dentistry and cosmetic treatments. When it comes to restorative care, one of our most common treatments is our white fillings.

White fillings here in London are made to your exact smile specifications, closely matching the colour of your other teeth. As such, they are a durable solution following tooth decay or root canal treatment and also have a natural appearance.

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Your White Fillings Journey

1. Consultation

The first step on any treatment journey at our dental practice in Marylebone is an in-depth consultation, as it helps us to assess your smile, allows us to look over your dental history, and ensures you can discuss your treatment in advance – with absolutely no commitment.

2. Treatment

White fillings are placed following tooth decay or root canal (endodontic) treatment. In the case of decay (cavities), we can mould and shape the composite resin to help ‘plug’ the gap in the tooth. Following a root canal, we would need to clean out the tooth before placing the filling. A white tooth filling is made of a strong, natural-looking composite resin, though in some cases, a porcelain inlay is required to further strengthen the tooth. An anaesthetic may be administered first to ensure there’s no discomfort during treatment.

3. Aftercare

At 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice in Marylebone, we’re committed to dental excellence – so in our minds, the treatment doesn’t end when we put down our tools. We’ll provide detailed aftercare following your white fillings, such as foods to avoid and how to manage pain, to ensure they stand the test of time and you feel happy and confident about your treatment.

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Your questions answered

about white fillings at 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice

Thanks to the anaesthetic, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during your treatment at our dental practice in Marylebone.

The main benefit to white fillings is that they’re stronger and more durable than metal amalgam fillings, as they bond to the tooth. They’re also far less noticeable and involve less removal of the tooth structure than other types. Thanks to the composite material used, there’s no mercury involved either, so they’re considered a safer option for your mouth.

The only disadvantage to white fillings is that they can be a more expensive option than their metal counterparts, however, the resin used doesn’t contract and expand as metal does, so you may need to replace them less often.

At our dental practice in Marylebone, it’s our aim to make sure all risks are minimal. However, with any type of filling, it’s possible that the seal can break down or become loose, and a cavity can develop around it or underneath it. In addition, sensitivity can be experienced following treatment, though this does usually pass on its own (note that if sensitivity or pain specifically relates to biting, you may need the filling reshaping). Finally, as with any tooth, there is the possibility of staining developing, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

Over time, your white filling will naturally degrade (chip or crack) through chewing and biting forces, but the speed at which this happens depends on the position and location of the treated tooth. That’s why regular check-ups at our dental practice in Marylebone are so important, as we can identify when it’s time for a replacement. However, white fillings can last several years.

Other dentists may offer metal fillings instead of white ones, however, we find white fillings are a far safer, more discreet and superior option.

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