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What Do Dental Specialists Do?

General Dentists vs. Dental Specialists Before diving into the various specialisations, it’s important to understand the distinction between general dentists and dental specialists. General dentists are the primary care providers for your oral health. They perform routine check-ups, cleanings, and basic procedures such as fillings and extractions. Dental specialists, on the other hand, undergo additional […]

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Why Is Replacing Missing Teeth So Crucial To Oral Health

Introduction to 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice Welcome to 19 Wimpole Street, the home of premier dental care in the heart of Marylebone. We’re a leading dental practice dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using state-of-the-art procedures. Our mission is not only to treat dental issues but also to educate […]

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Can You Have Dental Implants if You Have Gum Disease?

Dental implants are a very successful restorative treatment undertaken by thousands of patients each year. But there’s a lot to know about what treatment involves, who’s eligible, what the pros and cons are and how long you can expect your new tooth implants to last. Today, our Marylebone dentists cover all these topics and more […]

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