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What Causes Tooth Erosion?

Our smiles are precious to us – and our teeth are just as important for talking and chewing as they are for smiling. Unfortunately, our teeth can erode and decay through certain factors, lifestyle choices and inadequate care. So, our expert dentists here at our Marylebone, London dental practice are helping our patients to achieve healthy, strong and attractive smiles while preventing problems like decay and tooth erosion.

In this post, we’ll talk about some of the things that can cause these concerns, as well as how to prevent them from doing damage. Of course, if you need further help, 19 Wimpole Street Dental Practice is here for you.

1. Diet

Diets vary from place to place and between cultures. Eating a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, can help give your body what it needs to maintain a healthy smile and limit exposure to substances that can cause damage.

Acidic drinks are often to blame. These include fizzy pop (even flavoured fizzy water), fruit juices and alcopops, as well as sports drinks. We’d advise switching these out for plain water or limiting the amount you drink.

2. Smoking

The ill effects of smoking on oral health are widely known, particularly stained teeth and gum disease. But did you know that smoking also supports a build-up of bacteria, plaque and tartar on teeth? These can cause cavities and decay (types of tooth erosion) and ultimately, tooth loss.

If you’re finding it hard to quit smoking, there is help available, like the NHS Stop Smoking programme. You can also talk to our top dentists here in London for judgement-free advice. Finally, if you do continue to smoke, clean your teeth or chew sugar-free gum afterwards to try and limit any build-up on the teeth. However, there’s no guarantee this will prevent problems down the line.

3. Oral care

Twice a day, two minutes a time – that’s all you need to remember about brushing your teeth. Sadly, many of us rush through our dental routine and don’t give our teeth the care and attention they need. Additionally, many of us don’t follow up with interdental brushes or dental floss – which is always recommended by your dentist.

If you’ve been lax in your oral care, now’s the time to commit to good habits. If you need help or guidance, talk to us at our London dental practice. We’ll happily advise you on the right products to use and different methods to try.

Of course, regular check-ups are also advised to keep on top of cleaning and spot any problems, like tooth erosion, early.

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