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Why Choose Dental Implants in Marylebone?

If you’re in the Marylebone area and looking for a way to restore missing teeth, you can’t go wrong with dental implants. Find out some of their top benefits in today’s blog post, brought to you by our expert team of dentists in our state-of-the-art dental practice.


With Dental implants, you’ll always have a permanent solution for tooth loss. No complicated cleaning regimes to remember or having to take out appliances and apparatus. Just permanent, implanted teeth that stay put – and allow you to enjoy life to the full.


Dental implants in Marylebone are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. They look realistic – and the experts at our dental practice can even colour-match them to the shade of your natural smile. They’re also cleverly shaped and sized to create that perfect fit in your mouth. Better yet, dental implants could make you:

  • Look younger, since missing teeth can create sagging around the mouth
  • Have a brighter smile, especially if replacing several teeth
  • Have a complete smile once again, with no gaps or missing teeth


No intensive surgery is required, little downtime and recovery are needed and a straightforward procedure – three reasons alone to try tooth implants for replacing missing teeth. In almost all cases, tooth implants are successful, too. Experts put their success rate as high as 95%.


Because we fit dental implants after a consultation, you can be sure they’re the right treatment for you. We’ll assess the health and condition of your mouth, teeth and gums and help guide you towards the procedures we think will benefit your smile. We will never recommend a treatment we don’t think would improve your smile, health or well-being.


Ask anyone who has undergone dental implant treatment. They’ll likely tell you how much the procedure has changed their lives and improved their confidence. A smile is often the first thing you notice in someone, and having a seamless smile can make all the difference. No more hiding behind your hand or trying not to show your teeth.

Book a dental implant consultation with our Marylebone dentists today!